What is EquiLiberta

The name originated out of concern for equines and human-horse relationships around the year of 2015 without prior knowledge of the Natural Horse Care.

EquiLiberta advocates for ethical treatment of domesticated horses and is concerned with all aspects of their life in domestication: horse-man-ship, boarding conditions, diet, and the hoof care.

Over the years concept of equiliberta grew in understanding and awareness of the equine species, as it is seen through the lens of the Natural World. Inspired by works of Jaime Jackson, equiliberta now offers range of services based on the four Pillars of Natural Horse Care.

Equine community has benefited greatly by the revolutionary concepts Jackson has shared in his books over the past three decades. He continues to influence and inspire individuals like myself to strive for humane treatment of all horses including those remaining wild and free.

The insights from The Natural Horse: Lessons From The Wild form the foundation to what Jaime Jackson has coined as the Natural Horse Care. You can read more about Jaime HERE. If you want to read a bit more about my story follow me HERE.


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Summer of 2020 Hooves

A grassless track is a must when looking at the hooves from the Natural Hoof Care perspective. UK biome is…