Natural Horse Care

The term Natural Horse Care is a concept that originated from the research on the wild free-roaming horses of the US Great Basin conducted by Jaime Jackson in early 1980’s.

The research involved gathering data on hooves of wild horses for natural hoof size and angle.

Results can be found in numerous books such as: The Natural Horse: Lessons From The Wild, and The Natural Trim, Principles and Practice.

Jackson was concerned with an idea of what constituted a naturally shaped hoof. Following  while still running his shoeing practice uncertainty of what constituted a naturally shaped hooves. Many methods of shoeing. Noticed that shoeing damaged the hooves

The Four Pillars of Natural Horse Care

  • Relatively Natural Diet
  • Natural Boarding Conditions
  • The Natural Trim
  • Natural Horsemanship

We believe that domesticated horses can thrive if we provide them with a relatively natural diet, suitable boarding conditions, Natural Trim, and balanced riding that does not interfere with the Natural Gait Complex. While the barefoot movement is still evolving, so are practices of horse keeping, training and feeding.

The answer to this is manifold. Firstly, Four Pillars of NHC concept is built around four year long study of US Great Basin wild mustangs conducted by J Jackson, the study is documented in books, online articles and magazines and taught by ISNHCP. Jamie delivered results and initiated the barefoot movement over 30 years ago. In the Paddock Paradise setting, with the correct diet, trimming regime and riding practice it is possible to have healthy and sound companion, and take your horse to high competition level.

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