Natural Horsemanship – Behavioural Issues


The goal of sequencing is to use horses’ Natural Gait Complex for safe and enjoyable trim. The skilled and competent practitioner will not only save their back but also get the horse to join in the process we call trimming. I aim to integrate NHC and sequencing to prepare the horse for a trim in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. It is the fate of an unskilled man to play a tug war with horses’ legs and risk an injury. Likewise, why should horses participate in forceful practices? It all can be done, with the consent of both parties. Sequencing is essential for us practitioners to serve your horse better, and to do our job efficiently and effectively. You can join in the process and learn how to positively reinforce the horse, which will lead us towards a good working relationship.

Most horses will learn and adapt quickly to sequencing, and some will need separate training sessions. Others will need lengthy training in counter-conditioning if their history of experiences leads them to become resentful uncooperative, or dangerous. It does require an experienced person to handle some cases.

Sometimes horses become challenging to handle, resentful, angry, or disassociated. In any given case the horse-human communication is broken. Behavioural consultations aim at restoring the means of communication. They place strong value on things like leadership, body language, emotions, and trust. Horses are individuals, however, like humans, they have their own repertoire of social behaviour. It differs somewhat from what we may be conditioned to believe is acceptable or not.

As humans, we have a responsibility to understand their language, and their way of communicating, and adapt to it. Techniques I use in horse-human communication involve positive reinforcement, relative dominance, counter-conditioning, and emotional intelligence.

I provide professional, holistic and complementary equine handling services. Behavioural consultation will include hands-on work, practical instruction, and take-away exercises.

Minimum Consultation booking is 2 hours.

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