Natural Hoof Care

The Natural Trim mimics the Natural Wear Patterns of the wild, free-roaming horses of the US Great Basin. Achieving biodynamically balanced hooves requires precision trimming, a marker of the Natural Trim. Facilitating the Natural Trim means that the hoof is not forced into any given shape, but allowed to respond to practitioners mimicking the natural wear patterns. Biodynamically balanced hooves according to the U.S. Great Basin Wild Horse Model is achieved through the application of proven Principles and Practices of Natural Horse Care evidenced further at AANHCP Headquarters Lompoc between 2010 – 2018.

As an ISNHCP Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner, I take sole responsibility for the trim practice and appointment schedule. Despite the growing popularity of the DIY approach to hoof care I have come to understand that much harm at the hoof is being done through the “fast-track” online training and a few days of “learn the barefoot secrets” clinic gateways. Providers of such education take no responsibility for the long-term consequences of misguided practices. Invariably the hooves get out of control and the sad scenario of the horse being put down is commonplace. Speaking from my own experience, hoof care training requires as much time in learning theory and practice as any other Profession in a structured and organised way. Natural Hoof Care differs significantly from other trim methods meaning that tools are deployed with consideration to not weaken the hoof armour. Healthy hoof emerges through the diligent application of the four Pillars of Natural Horse Care. As part of the Natural Hoof Care practice we will be taking measurements using Hoof Meter Reader and creating a track record of hoof size and angle in relation to the wild horse hoof Litchfield BLM Corrals data produced by Jaime Jackson, it provides invaluable information to the practitioner on hoof health.

Cases of Neglect or Acute Laminitis will be handled on an individual basis and charged accordingly.

Horses that do not cooperate due to behavioural issues or neglect will be required to undergo behavioural training (Conditions Apply). Please see the charges below for behavioural consultations.

If you would like to know more about the Natural Trim Training Programme, Natural Horse Care and free publications please refer to the following websites: