Live Horse Trimming Clinics

This service is available to ISNHCP STUDENTS ONLY. 

If you would like to learn more about what we do as Natural Hoof Care Practitioners or become one please go to the official ISNHCP website for more information. Alternatively, join one of our webinars or Informational Horse-owner Clinics, more information is available on the Events page.


This is the Step 4 – Live Horse Trim Clinic in the ISNHCP Training Programme, and you have arrived at a point to book your first or subsequent days with me in a one-to-one teaching environment. Generally, it is recommended to book for two training days in Step 4, however, if you require more training days we would book more time separately to give you more time to process the information. For further instructions and information about requirements please visit ISNHCP Step 4 page. Please contact me for booking information via the contact page, or the email provided.

Price per day.