“Primum non nocere”

– First, cause no harm

“Vis medicatrix naturae”

– Respect the healing powers of nature

AANHCP – Association for the Advancement of the Natural Horse Care Practices


Our vital mission is to advance the humane care and management of domestic equines worldwide through the application of proven practices and principles based on the research and findings of wild, free roaming equines living naturally in the U.S. Great Basin as well as to advocate for the preservation of these wild, free-roaming horses living on U.S. public lands.


Originally formed in the year 2000 under the name of American Association of Natural Horse Care Practitioners the AANHCP was set out to provide systemised hoof care training based on the Wild Horse Model. International expansion and outreach for more than hoof care lead to changing the name to Association for the Advancement of Natural Horse Care Practices and moving over to become a non-profit  organisation.

ISNHCP – Institute for the Study of Natural Horse Care Practices


The ISNHCP is pioneering the future of humane hoof care for horses.

“Natural Hoof Care encourages a sound, healthy and rugged hoof to grow from the inside out. The Natural Trim, when combined with other elements of NHC are together, your best defense against unnatural conditions such as Navicular Syndrome, Laminitis, Slipper Toe, Seedy Toe, WLD, Club Foot, EMS, Colic, Fescue Foot, Wry Foot, and other pathologies and symptoms.” ~ J. Jackson (2012) The Natural Trim, Principles and Practice.

If you love horses and are not sure if this career pathway is for you, feel free to request a consultation designed to explain in brief what Natural Horse Care is about. We are pioneering revolutionary approach to horse care, based
we will point you towards learning pathway arning, sketch out a business model, give you idea about earning potential, and any passive income you may develop as a result of running a successful practice. For more information send a request to


Nature is very complex in its design of living systems, to gain a good perspective on multi-faceted subject of the Natural Hoof care (and not purely focused on mechanics of nipping and rasping away) one must adopt an approach of open, and curious mind. The curriculum is extensive and covers all aspects of hoof study, as well as other aspects of horse management based on the U.S. Great Basin Wild Horse Model. You will learn how to care for horses in ways more suited to the equine species.

Accreditation for professional competence assures accountability, and that clients can expect the same level of service that meets ISNHCP standards. ISNHCP is the only organisation that provides clear trim guidelines, is widely recognised, and leads the way in industry standard. Endorsement by ISNHCP means that level of knowledge is confirmed and skill set upheld by all members. The ISNCHP Natural Trim Training Programme provides the practitioner with the “know-how” in more complex cases of laminitis and a holistic pathway through the application of proven preventative measures.

Emergence of different organisations and individuals offering weekend training lacks accountability and provides fractioned information. Attractiveness of online courses and weekend gateways may offer solution to short term strategy of maintaining horses hooves, however it is not possible to learn what the long-term impact on the hooves will be through the application of “DIY trim”. Natural Hoof Care as it is taught by Jaime Jackson is based on good science, ethics and decades of practice. The hoof work produced in AANHCP Headquarters in Lompoc speaks louder than words. The ISNHCP training programme provides benchmark for professional standards in hoof care around the world. For more information please visit: for more information.


Selection of different topics in relation to Natural Horse Care and Natural Hoof care is offered via this platform to popularise the theme of NHC. Some of the services are offered free of charge, please visit our Upcoming Events page for specific information.

Horse Owner Informational Clinics

The future of all equines is resting in human hands. Horses in domestication are wild animals that adapted from a lesser to a greater degree into their life in captivity. Horse owner informational clinics are designed in such a way to simplify complex ideas while draw upon the knowledge base of scientifically proven principles and practices of the Natural Horse care. We aim to explore ideas that unfold the symbiotic relationships between hoof care and lifestyle of the equines in domestication. You can access Horse Owner Informational clinics schedule HERE.

Public Events

You can learn more about our work during one of public exhibitions. The current list of upcoming events can be accessed HERE.

Feel free to get in touch, if you are interested in having us for a speaking engagement at your venue.


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