Edyta Bartuch

Who I am

 I have always had an affinity for horses and Nature. As a child, I drew them, dreamed about them, and during my teenage years took riding lessons. It was much later in life when I returned to my life-long passion for these animals.

In 2014 I began seeking their company and any horse-related information. At that time I took on two shire horses and quickly realised that owning horses was not the same as riding them. Both hoses came with behavioural issues, required rehabilitation work, and help with hoof handling. Hoof care sessions became a dreaded thought because of their resistance to any hoof handling. Finding a hoof care professional that would take on a project of this size and scope was just as challenging. With the help of two professionals, I was introduced to positive reinforcement.

Diligence, hard work and commitment led me to develop behavioural skills and eventually overcome hoof-handling issues. Inspired by the works of K. F. Hempfling amongst others in 2015 I found my way to Piet Nibbling at DePaardenmaat in the Netherlands. It was at DePaardenmaat where I was introduced to Paddock Paradise and natural horse boarding.

However, the connection between the Paddock Paradise, Jaime Jackson and the ISNHCP training programme came much later when I finally made a decision to train in hoof care professionally. In 2020 I joined the Natural Trim ISNHCP training programme and graduated in the summer of 2022.

Meeting Jaime Jackson was in particular marking a point of advancement in my understanding of Natural Horse Care, in particular different factors that play key role in shaping the hoof. This assured me in the decision I have made about choosing ISNHCP as a certifying organisation. As a professional Horse Care and Hoof Care Practitioner I have learnt the difference between a barefoot trim and the Natural Trim method. The latter does not force the hoof into a perceived shape, but rather mimics the natural wear patterns based on the US Great Basin Wild Horse Model. My task is to facilitate precision trim, without violating  the Natural Trim guidelines, this includes sole care of the hooves. You can find more information about the Natural Trim method here.

The main objective for the services I offer through EquiLiberta is to provide a learning platform for individuals showing interest in the ethical treatment of equines in domestication; as well as advocacy work for wild, free-roaming horses in the US Great Basin (and other parts of the planet). I aim to provide quality information, and practical solutions to horse owners and other professionals in the horse-using community. I would like to offer unique blend of skills that will enable my clients to serve their horses better. I am also able to help horses that have not always received correct handling, and developed “bad” behaviours using Positive Reinforcement, Relative Dominance and non-verbal communication techniques.

Aside from horses and equine care my interests are broad and range from design thinking, consciousness, philosophy to art and wellbeing. I’m native of Poland and have come to live and learn in the UK in 2004. My journey on the English Isle led me to learn the language, with four years at college, and later four more years of study with the Open University. I have background experience in Sales, Marketing, design and life coaching.

Through the lens of my past shortcomings I have realised that to help horses I need to help humans. Personal Development section will offer services in relation to human care.